Greetings to all …

Dear Readers who have come to this website,

I do not want to waste anyone’s valuable time, so I think it is important to write this little note to inform the change. Unfortunately, this website is now closed for the time being. I won’t be blogging for a while so you don’t need to follow my website. I am currently going through a full spiritual light concept retreat with my Divine Universal Teacher in my hometown. I do not know how long I will be back to attend to my website and if I do, it will be a new path.

Just the last little note before I stay quiet for a while. From my experience this year, I have learnt to avoid getting myself tangled with other people’s thoughts and emotions (in buddhism they call our thoughts and emotions are the egos). I remind myself I am only here to just watch human life and emotions go by – nothing else should go further beyond. The challenge set out for me from my high spirit guidance, have taught me to not become attached to anyone’s thoughts and emotions by remembering that in the end, all life, thoughts and emotions in everyone else are all impermanence and illusion – it is ever changing and it will cease in the end.

So the value of having this one lifetime opportunity (we are a small sand in the ocean), I learnt to not waste my time in anything other then staying in peace, harmony, love and light. And how do we do that? I walk away from anything that doesn’t bring me peace, harmony, love and light.

Everyone has their own journey that they must practice learn to walk alone on the yellow brick road from time and time. The Angels are not permitted to interfere with our fate and destiny, they can help us with protection when we call upon them. Why we must practice the strength of the light in our heart, is because in the end, when death comes, we all have to be able to leave alone peacefully towards the light.

I wish you well, protected by your high spirit guidance with happiness, joy and light.

From Lady Viva.