Greetings to all …

I am Lady Viva and this is my personal free-spiritualist blog website about my spiritual life journey into the darkness and into the lightness.

Everything read from my page is not to be read with a judgemental or angry thoughts, remember my blog is all about experiences waiting to be explored further and deeper into the light.

There will be days when we may fall down frequency vibration and we may rise frequency vibration and that is the whole purpose of the soul’s experience. What is important is to remind always to keep the spiritual heart open with Great Compassion and Forgiveness.

I hope you enjoy your stay reading my blog. May you always choose the path as a Truth-Seeker of Light. 💜

Note: I did inform in the beginning the launch of my website that information in my website will change through time just like the reality concept of life and existence is itself impermanence. As the site owner of this page, I am free to express what I write as a personal blogger. If you don’t like what I write, then kindly leave my website.