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Reflection Journey – My encounter with Sage herbal medicinal plant and how it is a powerful healing plant

Dear Divine Masculine,

After writing all the way down and then writing back to the top, only because I could not figure out whether to put the heading under Herbal for Life or Reflection Journal. It sort of for both. But seeing there is more to just about herbal, I finally decided to make this a journal! ………………

I am have been trying to dig my head into completing my Fully Accredited Certificate in Natural Medicine and Herbalism – Introduction to Natural Medicine and Herbalism part of the course. But I have been more distracted in continuing cleansing away debris of negative energy in my life. It’s taking so long but it’s making progress.

Today I am at the section in my study talking about the plant Sage which is one of the best herbal medicinal planets. While studying, my mind is wondering off again to blog and write about my experience with Sage. Omg hahaha I remembered when I was with Mr Human Being K (Back then I told him I will call him Mr Magician because he was and so from now on I decided he will be called as Mr Magician). I remember the time we were together, the universe started to point me to watch the SpongeBob movie, the one with Mr Keanu Charles Reeves acting as the Sage. I made a great big joke about it to Mr Magician and rub it in his nose about the whole Sage joke and said I love Sage.

But the day I fell in love with sage began my journey in December 2020 where I stepped back into the world community of tarot and oracle readers. Note, the reason I have come back into this small journey part of my life stemmed from an unfinished past life issue that needed clearing up. Reliving a past life karmic action in order to reflect and to come to self-realisation so that I could fix where I went wrong, but this I won’t explain today. You can understand now I am no longer doing any tarot or oracle readings for anyone.

Anyway, what I have learnt from this community was most of them they usually use this plant as a ritual before any tarot or oracle reading so that it could help remove dark force, toxic or negative energy. What I think the purpose was to feel good in the right clean environment air, I mean I wouldn’t be able focus on my study or sit in a place to talk to someone while there is a terrible odour (aka dark force) in air. That was what they believed and I can’t argue about their belief that was passed down from one psychic reader to the next.

From a traditional medicine and modern science point of view, sage is considered to be one of the best herbal healing medicinal plant. It is very helpful for mouth or throat conditions, but in spirituality they call it the throat chakra.

It is very easy to use, you can chop up the leaves of the plant and add them to hot water into a bowl. Then just grab a towel covering your head over it for as long as you feel. But I think for 30 minutes is good enough for the fragrance of the leaves to run down your throat.

You could also make an infusion herbal tea by adding honey to sweeten as needed for calming the throat or respiratory issues. Mmmmm I am a herbal tea lover and I drink different kinds of herbal tea every day too.

The amazing healing qualities of the sage medicinal plant a lot of people love is because it contains powerful antioxidants.

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I recently bought this hand wash product that had sage in the ingredient. It smells so good each time I wash my hands. You can buy Only Good Refresh Mint Lime And Sage Organic Hand Wash from Woolworth supermarkets. Let just hope that still have more available stock in-store. (*Photo on the left is the property of Viva Reflection

I love this product, every time I pump it to wash my hands, it feels my bathroom with the smell that also floats out of the bathroom. It really uplifts my vibration and the vibration of other people in my home.

What I love about this product is because it is 100% natural, has a natural organic Aloe Vera, it’s palm free and was not tested on animals.

Every time I come home, I now enjoy going straight directly to the bathroom to wash my hands first before I begin to touch anything else in my home.

I would say, I love sage, I can’t get enough out of it. Personally, from experience, I feel sage plants is great for emotional and mental light healing process.

Sage it aawaaayyyyy … OK! Now I am back to my study again!  🤓 

Wish you peace, harmony and light,

Divine Feminine  💜

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